RAtE cover.jpeg

A diamond in the Ruff…

He’s All bark and the best kind of bite.


Let’s face it, size matters.


Every girl knows big things come with little packages!


Chiseled bikers with tiny chihuahuas, massive marines with malti-poos, players with pomeranians— and giant hearts searching for “the one.”


Combining steam, humor and heart, this collection is full of hilarious, side-splitting, laugh out loud moments with all the feels.


When it’s time to pounce, will puppy love be enough to win her heart? Or, will he be left in the doghouse?

With contributions by:

Jennifer M. Miller, Eve London, Amy Stephens, Ashley Zakrzewski, Skye Turner, Kristie Leigh, A.N. Stauber, Remy Reigns, Liz Crowe, Quinn Ryder, Cerise Rose, J.S. Wood, D.M. Earl, April D. Berry, Anne Mercier, Jodi James, Kindra Woods, Amy Hale, Tich Brewster, J.L. Baldwin, Jaime Russell, Melissa filla, Reina Torres, Marissa Dobson, Brooklyn Bailey, Dara Fraser, Beth A. Freely, Ashley Amy